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Greta Andrews

About the Author. . .

Greta Andrews is from the small rural town of Marion, Louisiana. The youngest of eight children, Greta was often excluded from domestic chores, most notably, cooking. Greta was placed in a pressing situation when her siblings came of age and left home. She had to become more active with home chores, namely cooking. Her mother attempted to train the very thin teenager in the skill of culinary arts. The sessions ceased after several meals of burnt chicken and teacher/student frustration. Greta preferred to read a book and had no interest in cooking.

Her interest in cooking occurred when, at the age of sixteen, she received a promise ring from one of her boyfriends. Reasoning in this situation caused Greta to realize that marriage carried the responsibly, so she decided to learn how to cook. She loved it! Greta never married that suitor, but continued with her passion for cooking. Greta engaged in cooking an array of succulent dishes including lemon meringue pie, meat loaf, and German chocolate cake.  

While attending college at Louisiana Tech University, Greta was moved by the biblical scripture “And God said, ‘See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food’� (Genesis 1:29). She began to do research on the healing qualities of natural foods. Over the years, she developed cooking techniques and recipes that produced the best health advantages of the foods that she prepares.  

With the information that she had learned about natural foods, her cooking techniques and recipes, she authored the book, Divine Epicure’s Recipe Book and Nutritional Guide.  Greta’s desire is that healthy cooking becomes more practical and delicious for everyone.  She shares her recipes at cooking demonstrations to help as many people as possible experience what she has learned and developed.

Greta maintained a career in the telecommunications industry for 24 years. She ended that career in 2003 with the title of Sales Manager over a customer sales and service center. She began a career in real estate in 2004. Greta served in full time ministry at The Well Christian Community in Dublin, California. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Counseling and she is presently working on Master’s degree with the same major. Greta loves to minister inner healing to others in need of help. She is a dynamic speaker and has a passion for teaching.

Greta Andrews is the proud mother of one son and an even prouder grandmother of three.

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